Agritox 10Ltr

Agritox® is a selective MCPA weed killer approved for use in grassland and cereals. This non-ALS selective herbicide will control a large number of broad-leaved weeds such as charlock, buttercup, poppy, thistles and a wide range of perennial weeds. It can be used on established grassland and leys over one year old. To gain better results, mix in with a herbicide enhancer called Activate-G.
Although the active ingredient MCPA is one of the oldest on the market, it still delivers great results against tough grassland weeds. If you want to increase the number of weeds which Agritox® will control, mix with Deptiox 10L. The combination of the two weed killers will then enable you to control tougher weeds such as ragwort, large docks & soft rush.
Agritox ® is well suited to use in areas where you have a large area of the same weed, i.e. 5 acres of grassland infested with thistles. Keep livestock out of treated areas for 10-14 days, or until poisonous weeds such as ragwort have decomposed.
Please note, this product is NOT approved for use through a knapsack sprayer.
Key Benefits:
– Approved for use in cereals and grassland.
– No following crop restrictions.
– Agritox is a non-ALS herbicide therefore it is useful for the resistance management of weeds such as poppies.
– Controls a large number of broad-leaved weeds, for example buttercup, poppy, charlock and thistles.
– Can be used on both established grassland and leys over one year old.

Our Recommendation:
– For Ragwort control mix in with 3L/ha Deptiox 10L
– Save money and time and mix in Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed or re-treated.
– Use Chemical Resistant Gloves when handling weed killers.
– Keep livestock away from treated areas for 10-14 days.
– Avoid spray drift onto non-crop plants outside the target area.

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