Alert Tail Paint 500ml

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Oil-based fluorescent tail paint for cows and detecting heat. Alert Tail Paint from Donaghys is the ideal paint system to accurately recognise cattle in heat in your herd, thereby providing the benefits of better mating management and concentrated calving programme.

Paint will be broken or rubbed off after the cows are mounted, indicating that they have cycled. This Donaghys Alert Tail Paint comes in a variety of bright colours, making recognition of cattle that have been mounted quicker and easier. It makes artificial insemination (A.I.) easier, faster and safer.

Tail paint the herd 4 weeks before the start of mating. Record those cows with rubbed or broken paint as they will have cycled. Comes in a 500ml aerosol canister. Paint contains solvents: Toluene 100g/litre. White Spirit 190g/litre.

Comes in the following colours: red, orange, green, blue and yellow.

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Alert Tail Paint 500ml
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