Moo Call

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Moocall is a calving sensor which attaches to a cow or heifer’s tail and notifies you by text & email on average 1 hour before she is due to give birth.


Battery life: The battery will last for between 30 to 60 days and will send a text alert when power levels drop below 15%.


Charged via a mobile phone type of socket well tucked away and protected from dirt & muck.

Several Person Alerts: Sends texts up to two numbers and emails up to three email addresses.

Multi calving alerts: To attach to a new cow, just detach the device from one cow, reset it and attach it to a new cows tail. It’s that simple.

One device can monitor 30 cows: It’s possible to use the Moocall to monitor up to 30 cows depending on how your programme is structured

The MyMoocall software: It’s easy to manage your Moocall with this software. It makes changing phone numbers, seeing the battery levels and viewing what alerts have been sent straightforward.

Supervise more calvings: The alerting sensor will send you an SMS text alert every time there is a potential birthing.

Very sensitive: 600 pieces of data received every second!

60 day satisfaction guarantee 60 days from date of activation money back guarantee.

Long tail strap for cows with thicker tails. Standard and Long tail straps included.

Support phoneline: based in Ireland and staffed by people who actually know what they are talking about.

What’s in the box
1 x unactivated Moocall Calving Sensor
12 months support, data & all software updates (£109 per annum thereafter – see below)
12 month warranty – starts from day of activation – not from when you buy it.
Access to MyMoocall app & features.
Recharging cable
Full instructions

Annual Charges
Moocall sensors have an annual charge for the data they transfer much like a mobile phone. You get 12 months with the initial purchase then after that you will be billed £109 ex vat annually – you will not be automatically charged.

Delivery – Free next working day courier delivery.

How to set up

Register Either call a dedicated customer care centre or fill out a simple form online to register .You’ll get a login to your ‘Moocall Dashboard’ where you can see the status of your device. If you have a few then they will all be displayed. You can manage what phone numbers and emails are to receive messages. (Dashboard at A mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices which gives a couple of extra functions. You can create ringtone notifications which will make your phone ring in addition to the texts and Q&A forums to get help from other users. It’s all done over wifi so don’t worry if your mobile signal is not great.

Charging the moocall There’s a plastic cap at one end which is pretty tricky to get off (if has to be a snug & waterproof fit considering where it’s going!). Inside there is a charging port a bit like your mobile phone where it can be charged. The first charge should be overnight. Charges can last between 30 – 60 days and a sensor will let you know when the battery goes below 15%.

Turning it on & testing Press and hold the button for around 4 seconds and a blue light will blink every 4-5 seconds. Take the Moocall to where it will be used to make sure the network coverage is adequate. Make sure the blue light is blinking, press the button on the sensor for 0.5 sec and release. The wee light should now be blinking green so you know the test is under way and you’ll get a text and email to all numbers given to let you know all is well

The Sensor can then be clamped onto the cow or heifer’s tail and tensioned using a rubber ratchet strap then locked in place.

Once removed, the Moocall can be cleaned with a damp brush and / or damp cloth. It can be reset by pressing for 1 second. and the light will change from solid red to blink blue again. To turn off, press and hold the button for ten seconds. Please do not turn it back on again for at least five minutes.

All networks working all over Europe GSM signal

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Moo Call

£239.00 + VAT

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