Intra Hoof Fit Gel

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  • Veterinary medicinal product manufactured under GMP Pharma grade conditions.
  • For use as part of a treatment programme of digital dermatitis (Mortellaro’s disease, hairy heel warts)
  • 330 ml jar (430 gram)
  • Green viscous gel
  • Withdrawal period for meat and offal: zero days. Milk: zero hoursMethod of administration: In case the lesion is dirty, clean it with a disposable cloth to enable direct contact with the gel. Administer the product to the lesion with a clean brush. The lesion is completely covered with the gel during treatment containing steps:
    • Day 0: Administer Intra Hoof-fit gel to the lesion and cover with a bandage.
    • Day 3: Remove the bandage and if necessary administer Intra Hoof-fit gel /Intra Repiderma again, without bandage.


  • Organic minerals for optimal absorption
  • Dual mode of action: killing Treponema bacteria and promote wound healing
  • Excellent adhesion for long lasting contact
  • No withdrawal time: no milk loss
  • Safe for animal, user and the environment
  • Produced under GMP Pharma standards
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Intra Hoof Fit Gel