Scan Flexi Spectacles

£12.60 + VAT

The Scan Flexi Spectacles have a sports style, designed for protection against low energy, high-speed impacts of up to 45m/s (100mph). They are manufactured using a single piece, wraparound lens to provide maximum peripheral vision and side protection. The lens is scratch and impact resistant with an anti-fog coating and is UV resistant to EN 170. The spectacles are user-friendly, ultra-lightweight with super flexible arms and feature a soft nose bridge for added comfort.

Coloured lens helps filter light to enhance your visibility from indoor low light to outdoors where bright light can be an issue. Selecting the correct shade (lens filter) will improve visibility in many applications by enhancing the contrast and protecting eyes from excessive glare.

Conforms to EN 166:1F and EN 170 UV ray protection.

The Scan Flexi Spectacle Clear are ideal for general use indoors, under normal lighting conditions.

The Scan Flexi Spectacle Smoke are ideal for outdoor use, for protection from excessive glare.

The Scan Flexi Spectacle Blue are ideal for indoor use with excessive yellow or sodium vapour light, for enhancing contrast.

The Scan Flexi Spectacle Mirror are ideal for outdoor applications, helping to reduce glare.

The Scan Flexi Spectacle Amber are ideal for low light applications, indoors.

Scan Flexi Spectacles