Slurry Care

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A fibre digesting bacteria and enzymes product suitable for all slurry stores, pits and slatted buildings

There have been numerous “crust breaking” type products over the years, but Slurrycare is a management tool designed to reduce costs and enhance the fertilising qualities of slurry.

The complex of fibre-digesting bacteria and enzymes makes Slurrycare suitable for all slurry stores, pits and slatted buildings, ensuring that the resulting liquid is always ready for spreading by pipeline or tanker. This reduces both labour and diesel costs, and saves time by removing the need for prolonged agitation.

Slurrycare can be introduced at any stage, but the objective should be to inoculate the pit or holding tank before filling. This requires a lower level of inoculation as the bacteria have time to multiply as the store fills – maintaining liquidity.

A standard application of 1 kg SlurryCare treats 150,000 Litres/ 33,000 gallons of slurry. When applying to empty tanks you need at least 12 inches of water in the base of tank to act as a carrier for SlurryCare.
Problem tanks may require more product.

Slurry Care
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