Raimo Big Bag Dispenser

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Raimo Big Bag Dispenser is fitted to any type of big bag in seconds by punching the lining of the bag with a pair of knife blades which are attached to the dispenser.
The lining of the bag is tightly secured into place by turning a locking ring. Raimo Dispenser allows the flow of material to be controlled to the exact quantity required by opening and closing a sliding chute.
Simply twist off the extension tube and put the bag down on the ground with the main part of the dispenser still attached.
Save money & time
Take out what you need
Safely stores unused material in the bulk bag
Direct flow with extension and less dust
Use multiple times and easy to move bag to bag
Low investment cost
Flow hole 4 1/3 in or 11 cm.
Flow tube length 26 in or 66 cm

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