Rito All Weather Sealant Brown 300ml

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Product overview

Bostik Rito All Weather Emergency Repair Sealant is a versatile solvent based sealant for small joints and cracks. After application it forms a soft plastic elastic rubber by evaporation of solvent from the sealant.

It can be used as a sealant in buildings for sealing narrow joints between window frame and wall. It can be used as a repair mastic for sealing small joints and cracks between stone, concrete and metal, for sealing leaks in gutters. It is also suitable as a steel construction mastic for sealing joint constructions in aluminium. It can also be used as a roofing sealant to bond and seal as an emergency repair. It can be used in rain or puddles and seals leaks immediately. It can be used on many materials such as lead, glass, wood, metals and stone. The product can be over painted after 24 hours. The product remains flexible for at least 20 years. For external use only.

Rito All Weather Sealant Brown 300ml