Agrimin 24/7 Calcium Bolus 4 Pack


A short term, sustained release bolus containing calcium. Intended for use in adult dairy cows, over 400 kg liveweight, at calving.

After administering 24·7 CALCIUM DAIRY COWS boluses, the coating on the bolus dissolves in the rumen and the bolus disintegrates completely within 50 minutes. The calcium chloride is rapidly absorbed, and the calcium sulphate is absorbed over a longer period, giving a sustained supply of calcium.

Large daily supply of calcium – 43 g in each bolus
Bolus dissolves and supplies calcium within 50 minutes of administration
Calcium from bolus available as chloride (fast release) and sulphate (slow release) – peace of mind for the farmer
None of the palatability problems associated with gels and pastes
Can be used in conjunction with existing calcium supplementation regime

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1) Pre and post calving regime:
Administer one bolus at the first sign of calving
Administer a second bolus 12 – 15 hours after the first bolus

2) Post calving regime:
Administer one bolus immediately after calving (or sub-cutaneous calcium injection)
Administer a second bolus 12 – 15 hours after the first bolus

Always use the recommended Agrimin cattle bolus applicator C.


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