Cydectin 0.5% Pour On for Cattle

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Containing: 0.5{860c84ecb00a3653ebfba9e40da539730da09e162f37662232a84ed9bbe75d38} Moxidectin
For the Treatment and control of:
Gastro Intestinal roundworms
Horn flies
Mange Mites
Suckling & Biting lice on Cattle
Protection from re- infection of stomach worms for 5 weeks and lungworm for 6 weeks.
Treatment: At Turnout or 3 weeks after turn out and again at 8-10 weeks
If cattle are treated within 5 weeks prior to housing then no further worming at housing will be necessary



Cydectin 0.5{860c84ecb00a3653ebfba9e40da539730da09e162f37662232a84ed9bbe75d38} data sheet

Cydectin 0.5{860c84ecb00a3653ebfba9e40da539730da09e162f37662232a84ed9bbe75d38} Pour On for Cattle 5Ltr
Cydectin 0.5% Pour On for Cattle
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