Liquid Gold Dairy


HVS Gold Blend Mineral range of speciality supplements includes specific ingredients OPTiMINs, Folic Acid for embryo development B Vitamins for young stock growth, Rumen Protected Choline, and Livol herbal supplement for improved liver function following aflatoxin and/or mycotoxin challenges and Seaweed Meal to:
Herd Health, Fertility, Hoof Strength, Production, Growth Rates, Immune Status, Return on Investment.
Mastitis & SCC, Repeat Breeders, Foot Problems, Retained Cleansings, III Thrift, Vaccination Failures, Calf Scour & Pneumonia, and Expenses.

Suitable For

Trial Conclusions
Independent trial results have shown that stock given HVS Liquid Gold® recorded improved performance and profitability. These include dramatic reduction in retained cleansings, post-calving cows keen to milk with fewer setbacks, less calf mortality, livelier calves, less scour/pneumonia in calves and obvious bloom and thrive from drenching at dry off, and stronger heats and improved conception rates from drenching pre-service.


Liquid Gold Dairy