Kingspan 12 Gallon Drinker

£44.00 + VAT

Kingspan’s market leading 12-gallon horse/cattle drinker is designed with ultimate durability in mind, and are suitable for all farming applications.

Drinkers are rotation molded from top quality medium density polyethylene this ensures high impact strength for maximum durability.

The troughs are ultraviolet stabilised for protection against sunlight to ensure a long lifespan.

They are lightweight and easily transported for your convenience.

Water Trough / Horse Drinker / Cattle Drinker Features:

  • Capacity 54 litres / 12 gallons
  • Simple and economical
  • Automatic, enclosed ballcock fitted
  • Top quality medium density polyethylene construction
  • High impact strength
  • Ultraviolet stabilised
  • Lightweight
Kingspan 12 Gallon Drinker