Natural Stockcare Copper Cobalt



A totally soluble liquid supplement containing complete, balanced levels of copper and cobalt to prevent deficiency in ruminants.


Copper Cobalt is carried on a palatable cyder vinegar base to stimulate the appetite.


• Provides essential boosts during the ‘dry cow’ period.
• Helps with poor growth rates.
• Essential for use in Copper deficient areas.


Quantity per 2.5 Litre:
1250 x Lambs or Kids
833 x Sheep or Goats
500 x Calves
125 x Cattle



2ml – Lambs or Kids

3ml – Sheep or Goats

5ml – Calves

20ml – Cattle

Administer as an oral drench or add to water.


More Info:

Copper and Cobalt deficiencies in livestock can impact on performance, which is why treating these deficiencies using a high specification drench is so important. Copper Cobalt provides essential boosts, particularly in suckler calves and dairy herds during the ‘dry cow’ period and heifers during the winter. Sheep and Lambs, require Copper and Cobalt to help with poor growth rates.

Natural Stockcare Copper Cobalt