Natural Stockcare Sheep Boost



Sheep Boost is a complementary feeding stuff suitable for Ewes, Tups and Lambs with MACC Chelates and Omega 3 Oil

Composition Per 1 Litre:
Vitamin A 6,000,000iu Vitamin D3 600,000iu Vitamin E 12,000iu
Niacin 2,722mg Vitamin B1 2,250mg Vitamin B2 1,500mg
Pantothenic Acid 1,250mg Vitamin C/ L-ascorbic acid 841mg Vitamin K 250mg
Folic Acid 127mg Omega 3 120mg Vitamin B12 12,500mg
Biotin 3,000mg Zinc Chelate 5,600mg Iodine 3,000mg
Rosemary Extract 2,000mg Manganese Chelate 1,850mg Cobalt (From Chloride)
Selenium 30mg Propylene Glycol

Directions for use:
Ewes- 15ml per adult 70kg Ewes
Lambs up to 10kg – 3ml
Lambs up to 20kg – 5ml
Rams – 15
Usage: For allbreeding stock prior to mating and before lambing. For all lambs at 4-6 week intervals.

Health & Safety: No known or anticipated hazard

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Natural Stockcare Sheep Boost
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