PEL 303 Mains Fencer

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The PEL303 mains fencer will produce 4.5 stored joules and 3 output joules over 30 km of fence line which will cover up to 45 acres (18 ha). When using this fencer you will need to install a 1m earth bar. It comes with a pulse light indicator which lets the user know when the fencer is emitting an electrical pulse along the fence line. This fencer is easily installed and has easy to attach positive and negative nodes. It is compact and inexpensive. The PEL303 is suitable as a permanent or temporary fencer. This fencer will support multiple strands of fence wire or tape over the recommended distance. This fencer is suitable for use with all types of animals. It comes with versatile mounting and power options. It can be mounted on a wall, post or wire fence.

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